Why you only eating salad still be fatty

Salad is a low calorie diet, a variety of with, whether it is fruit or vegetables, can be matched with a rich color of the salad. Some people in order to lose weight will be the main staple food, but the results are eating more fat. Not a good eat salad to lose weight? Why has become the enemy of fat? Would you eat a salad as the following way? This will gain fat no doubt!


First, too much salad dressing

Delicious salad dressing can make common fruits and vegetables falls chromophore, changing a variety of attractive taste. But these look very healthy food, but it contains a high heat, if you eat more, will cause harm to health. At present, the sales on the market are mainly mayonnaise salad dressing, mayonnaise proved that calorie content is the highest in all salad sauce.

Experts believe that this is mainly due to more than half of the raw material from the egg yolk, edible oil, followed by egg yolk, plus a little sugar, salt and vinegar. A tablespoon of egg yolk sauce contains 110 thousand calories, 12 grams of fat, more than the same weight of chocolate. Experts also pointed out that in order to cater to the tastes of consumers, the market most of the salad dressings are a large number of use of edible oil, resulting in more and more calories. 100 grams of salad dressing, the heat is often accounted for more than 1/4 of the total nutrient content. A Vegetable Salad if you add 3 – 4 tablespoons of salad sauce, the heat would have more than 300 thousand cards, the equivalent of burger calories. And excessive intake of calories and fat is undoubtedly easy to make people suffering from obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease, etc.

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Two, lotus root, root vegetables such as pumpkin

It’s wrong to say “it’s a vegetable”. Even eat less, reducing sugar, if you eat a lot of taro starch rich food, is unable to reduce sugar. Lotus root, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, pumpkin is rich in starch like rice. Eat more calories will get high, so please note! Low heat in vegetables is vegetables, such as leafy vegetables. The more you chew, the sweeter the root vegetables are actually rich in sugar.

So, don’t let too much seasoning salad in pursuit of taste, there is sweet potato, pumpkin these rhizomes also fit to eat. Moreover, salad belongs to cold type of food, eat a lot of will bad for your health. If you want to eat salad, you can use yogurt instead of. What’s more, you can dare to eat anything, since there is fruta planta manufacturer kimberly-clark, will help you lose weight

What fruits can help you lose weight?

1, Apple

Apple is the most common fruit is MM their favorite fruit. Apple is indeed a good helper to lose weight, low in calories and easy to have a sense of satiety, and Apple’s more potassium can prevent edema. Furthermore Apple is also particularly suitable for night owls dieters do.



Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, cannot let the deterioration of the skin at the time to lose weight, and contains ultra rich in fiber, can prevent constipation. Focus is on kiwi fruit is all year round, not afraid to eat less.



Some people may not like grapefruit, eat up a little bit because of the bitter. But it contains very rich in vitamin C, and super-low heat, for weight loss is really helpful.

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Here refers to the large tomato, like Joan of tomato or a file belonging sweet side and high-calorie fruit. Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, to help defecation, but also low in calories and rich tomato satiety when hungry can be used as snacks.



Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, potassium, there are solutions eliminate swelling with constipation function. And the banana is very satiety eat, when to eat in a hungry, can immediately add strength.



Pineapple has a very strong proteolytic enzymes can help digest protein. But do not eat before meals, will be hurt the stomach. Since then pineapple fruit is sweeter, so it is not excessive.

Except above these fruits can help you lose weight, do not forget ,lida daidaihua strong original,the most effective one.

You need to quit this food to weight loss

Obesity has become an epidemic cannot be ignored, and excess fat not only affect our appearance, more importantly could seriously affect the health of our body. If you want to get rid of excess fat, then you need to quit this food to lose weight.

(1) Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer can be considered a “small but rich,” the junior food, just a few drops of each, so you do not mind, but if you drink more coffee, then add up the amount is not small. I suggest you try some healthier coffee mate, such as almond milk, low-fat or skim milk.

(2) Carbonated drinks

People are aware of the harm of carbonated beverages, but the lack of hard to quit. Especially after exercise, for the sake of a “fast”, he likes to drink a few cans of frozen carbonated beverages. When bored, but also with carbonated drinks with fried snacks, which undoubtedly is to lose weight “killer.”

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(3) Fry

Usually after oil cooked food, will increase 60% to 100% of the heat, especially fried, explosion, fried, fried, pastry and other methods.

(4) The high-calorie sweets

Sweets are MM who love hearts, when glutton eat sweets not an exaggeration, but to choose the sweets, eat high-sugar, high fever sweets such as ice cream, biscuit and so on. When not help eating sweets, food to be spotted sugar, heat and other index eat. Like a concentration of more than 85% dark chocolate can not only satisfy their craving, but also can promote fat burning.

What’s  more , you need do regular exercises ,eating healthy eating diet, and take some natural and healthy products, like lida slimming pills, is the best choice for you.


Lose weight three principles of eating salad

Refreshing salad is a lot of MM thin preferred, but it is not zero-calorie salad you think oh! Sweet salad dressing is easy to eat more fat! To be healthy and effective weight loss, it is necessary to master the five principles of salad to lose weight:


Looking for white meat

Although it looks light chicken than beef, but it is the best weight loss helper! Outside that layer chicken dip sauce and beef, pork, like fat, to thin! You may wish to change to eat chicken breast. A change of taste, you can also try the seafood, like salmon, tuna is a good choice, not only low in fat, but also make you smarter.

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Potato, pasta and chicken salad but flesh culprit

Potato salad is usually mixed with a lot of salad dressing, if you would like to take a salad bar to fill his stomach, small changes recommended to select whole wheat bread, pasta to feed their families do not rely on!


Sauces to light

Some salad bar also has a low-calorie sauces or wind vinaigrette is a good choice. Remember to put the sauce on the side, to avoid pour over salad, so you can avoid all the sauce eaten; you can also use a fork with port sauce dip vegetables, salad dressing better to lose excess’ll feel ~

Girls, whether you eat salad or take two days diet pills ultimate goal is to lose weight, convenience, or taste fresh, in sauces or to clever selection will not eat too many calories!

Tofu apple diet three days losing 5 pounds

First day: Apple Diet Day

Breakfast: honey applesauce and lida daidaihua uk. Lunch: cabbage soup. Dinner: Apple Yogurt Sauce

Production: breakfast honey applesauce with a peeled apple juice into the mud after adding a little honey, stir and serve; lunch with apple and cabbage (preferably rod) eaten with boiled soup, sweet love cannot add any spices, like salty can add a little bit of salt; dinner with apples and stir to make a fermented milk 200ml yogurt apple risotto food can be.

Effects: Honey has a bowel detoxification, weight loss on the first day of the first meal with honey and applesauce, promote digestion and detoxification bowel movements; lunch cabbage pole rich in fiber, can effectively achieve the effect of fullness while accelerating detoxification; fermented yogurt can protect the stomach for dinner, the day Apple menu allows you to empty the stomach of all the garbage, you can be at the very next day in a row on the toilet several times, but after that is a normal phenomenon, you’ll detox feel very relaxed, the weight will drop 2-3 pounds.


Day 2: Tofu Apple Day

Breakfast + lunch + dinner: applesauce curd

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Production: pressed into the mud after mixing apples and curd, add a little honey to taste, while supporting the detoxification. After two days of bowel detoxification, you have entered a state of rapid fat burning. This time with applesauce and tofu with a brain made early in the evening meals, only to completely remove the body of residual toxins, can also accelerate the decomposition of fat metabolism, so that you reach the three-day courier rapidly thin results.

Efficacy: apple pectin and vitamin rich tofu with soy protein, not only to meet the nutritional needs of the metabolism of the day, and very low in calories. Plus the first two days of bowel detoxification, the third day has begun large-scale consumption of fat. And so you end up with three days of body weight can decrease the success of weight-loss meal about 5 pounds, but also because it is not entirely a hunger strike, so basically will not rebound.


Day 3: Tofu Diet Day

Breakfast: Yogurt chunks and lida slimming Lunch: bean porridge cooked dinner: honey curd

Production: breakfast will be cooked fish crumble tofu into cubes, add 200ml Stir edible fermented milk; lunch with tofu and rice gruel to eat 1-2 bowls, add some brown sugar, water can be a little seasoning; dinner with honey and tofu brain mixing food, remember to warm to eat tofu, because tofu nature relatively cold, there are detoxification effect, so the winter should not eat frozen tofu.

Efficacy: deep detoxification to begin the next day, so the tofu comes in handy. Similarly with the fermented milk, honey to assist detoxification, and porridge it is in order to ensure energy supply carbohydrates and the body, so that your metabolism will not change because of changes in diet and slow. The next day the end of basic detoxification returned to normal, a small part of the excessive accumulation of toxins garbage girls may also increase the number of bowel movements, today’s weight will generally remain unchanged.

This apple tofu recipes to lose weight only applies to short-term, long-term use is not recommended in this weight loss method. For the body, a single diet food is unhealthy. You can put this recipe to enrich their own weight loss program inside, watch the entire nutritional intake and weight loss program supplements the energy balance is the correct way to lose weight.


Brown rice diet how to get that skinny beauty

Many people in the weight loss process will adopt the principle of do not eat rice, it is to reduce the intake of starch. But do not eat, the stomach will be hungry fast, uncontrollable mouth we always eat, the consequence is that the body is hungry in food intake, absorption of nutrients more hungry than the state! Sad reminder of the reality is … hungry, hungry, or did not slim down! And more recently found a small series can replace white rice dishes, is brown rice! Do not go hungry can easily lose weight!

What is it brown?

Brown rice is rice caryopsis off the outer protective skin layer of rice husk after, Chinese medicine, brown rice sweet, warm, spleen and stomach, invigorating spleen and replenishing qi, to reconcile the five internal organs, calm nerves, promote digestion and absorption. It is more nutritious than ordinary rice, although it is also more time-consuming to cook, but the more significant slimming effect, just like the function of fruta planta strong version, you can both have them a try.

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Brown efficacy and benefits:

1. Brown rice on obesity and gastrointestinal dysfunction patients have a good effect, can effectively regulate body metabolism, endocrine abnormalities.

2. Eat brown rice can treat women anemia.

3. Brown rice can treat constipation; purify the blood, hence strengthening the role Constitution.

4. The germ is rich in vitamin E can promote blood circulation, maintaining body functions.

5. Switch to brown rice causes cells to function properly and maintain hormonal balance.

6. Brown rice has a connection and decomposition of pesticides and other radioactive substances effect, thereby effectively preventing the body’s absorption of harmful substances, to the anti-cancer effect.

Tomato diet recipes

Tomatoes are rich in pectin and other dietary fiber, not only makes it easier to have a sense of fullness, but also adsorbed excess body fat, and excreted.


Salt-baked cherry tomatoes

Put the tomatoes in a shallow dish with a toothpick on top of each tomato stabbed four small mouth. Then pour a little wine on top of the tomatoes. Prepare a spoonful of salt plus net lime juice, a spoonful of spices into a sauce. Each tomato dip sauce before eating.

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Tomato potato soup

Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, diced; Heat pan, add water, tomato soup, chicken soup vegetarian, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, boiled with the fire; after the potatoes are soft, add salt and pepper can be.


Honey, tomato jelly

Prepare for the big tomato 2, about agar powder 20g, 1 tablespoon honey, water 300㏄. After the tomatoes, peeled hot labeled as juice, filtered again, keep spare. After water was added to the soup pot and agar powder until boiling off the heat, pour the tomato juice and ocean juice mix well, after condensation, etc. in the refrigerator. Then add the right amount of honey according to their preferences when eating.

If you want to lose weight, you can try above tomato diet and take fruita planta strong.


Homemade low-fat ice cream to help resist autumn fat

Although the summer in the past, but never eat ice cream craze faded, enjoy taking planta fruta and delicious ice cream bring feelings of homemade low-fat ice cream so you eat at the same time against the autumn fat.


First, low-fat mango ice cream

Mango 3 (about 150 g a, ripening is better), 30 grams of sugar, 200 g whipping cream, egg
Refrigerator, mixer, household blender, lunch boxes, egg bowl scraper
1, the front did not pass the light cream in liquid form;
2. Add sugar, sent a feathered solid;
3. Peel the mango, the mango cut into Ding, most take into blender puree, leaving less than half flesh spare;
4, and mango mud mix into the eggs and mix well, then add the remaining mango flesh a little pellets mix, into the refrigerator;
5, every 40 minutes out with a beating, repeated 6-8 times, after a solid can be.


Second, low-fat blueberry yogurt ice cream

200 g cream cheese, yogurt 200ML, low-fat milk 100ML, 30 grams of sugar, 50 g blueberry sauce
The right amount of cookies
1, cut into small pieces cream cheese, softened at room temperature;
2, pour sugar with a whisk until smooth; pour yogurt, stirring until smooth;
3, pour the milk, stirring evenly; in the blueberry jam, stirring evenly;
4, into the container, into the freezer. Stir every hour for a total of 4,5 times;
5, the final mixing, can separate the part, add some crushed biscuits and mix well together.

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Third, low-fat ice cream, watermelon

West rang 1500 g
2 eggs
1, 1500 Alexis rang after breaking remove seeds;
2, adding 400 grams of sugar, 2 eggs, and 1000 grams of water, stir, and then heated at high temperature sterilization, after cooling in the refrigerator after condensation Serve watermelon ice cream.


Fourth, assorted fruit ice cream dumplings

Ingredients: glutinous rice flour, water, assorted fruit filling.
Seasoning: sugar, ice cream, dark chocolate, whipping cream, biscuits, chocolate sticks, mint leaves.
1. Take about 1/4 of glutinous rice flour, spread into a circle-shaped chopping board, add boiling water and mix Serve Tangmian. Add sugar and remaining glutinous rice flour, knead dough moderate hardness. Sub-agent roll into a thick dumpling skin. Individually wrapped in assorted fruit filling, rounding steamed dumplings made inactive.
2. Place the cooked rice balls into the ice cream scoop (or a metal teaspoon home big points), then in ice cream scoop ice cream into large ball into the cup.
3. Dark chocolate watertight opening, add whipping cream (or milk), dilute, poured on ice cream ball, decorate cookies, chocolate sticks and mint leaves.

With the help of fruta planta strong version, you will never mind how much you eating these homemade low-fat ice cream.

3 dinner recipes to lose weight do not eat flesh

Recommended 3 dinner recipes to lose weight


Mushrooms bitter gourd silk

Ingredients: bitter gourd 100 grams, 100 grams mushrooms, mushroom 100 grams, soy sauce, ginger, onion, salt, sugar, sesame oil amount
1. Take balsam pear and ginger, cut them into wire. Mushrooms soaked in water, and other mushrooms softened after use chopped, take mushroom, get rid of the trailing end portion, and then washed.
2. Heat the oil into the pan, add chopped green onion saute, then add just chopped bitter gourd silk and mushrooms, salt fry until half cooked fried bitter gourd state.
3. Finally into the mushroom, according to their own taste by adding seasonings and fry it.

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Vegetables, tofu skin roll

Ingredients: tofu skin 3, cabbage 300 grams, Xianggan, boiled mushrooms several, salt, edible vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, a little different

1. Wash the cabbage in boiling water pot after blanched, chopped after dry moisture control, tofu thinly cut into four equal parts to each corner, water, mushrooms and pot boiling fish out also Xianggan and cut wire.
2. Place the cabbage, mushrooms and Xianggan into the bowl, put a little salt, add a little MSG edible vegetable oil and mix well to make fillings.
3. Spread the tofu skin, bean curd skin were placed in an appropriate amount of each vegetable fillings (tofu skin side also go into), then roll up one by one into the dish, stir-steam on the cage for about five minutes to remove food.


Celery salad seaweed shrimp

Materials: kelp, celery, shrimp and the amount. Soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, ginger, is a little different.

1. First kelp into the dish, pour water to soak for half an hour, and then taken out into the pot, then cook a chance to cut into slices with a knife. Then washed with water celery, then cut into sheets, and then hit a hot water and pour some salt, the shrimp into the post again been taken out, rinse with cold water again.
2. Deal with the three kinds of ingredients together, then entered the so seasonings added, stirring after you can eat.

When the time is late, try not to take Dream Body Weight Loss, since its will help your metabolism and digestion, so you may need get up to toilet, lol.


Eat snacks to lose weight easily satiating fat burning

Delicious snacks always faithful shut out from overweight but want to lose weight one, not to say you want to lose weight should blindly refuse sweets, some sweets to feed their families will not only help you installed for excess fat causes obesity, so that is what kind of dessert Pan You put it down during weight loss? Here’s a look.
A day perfect proposal thin confections


1. After 30 minutes, breakfast, eat fresh fruits and warm flat

Total 1 starting date of the morning, the morning of a day diet will affect the body’s functioning, so choose the more refreshing level temperate fruit before breakfast as a pre-dinner dessert! You can also take daidaihua  30 mins before you eating your breakfast, it will help you metabolism and digestion. Flat temperate fruit: apple, litchi, cherry, wax apples, grapes and pineapple. Blood raisins can also a good choice!


2. In the 30 minutes before meals, choose high-calorie sweets

Generally available sweets, such as cookies, candies, you can choose to eat lunch before Oh! Fat high calorie sweets something not completely untouchable, choosing the right time to eat, can also use it to make sugar stressful brain settle down. Avoid eating to vent their emotions! But do not forget to control the card 50-80 weight Oh!


3. 30 minutes before dinner, eat high-fiber satiety dessert

Many people gain weight due to stress, it is to eat a big meal after work. Evening eating and drinking most easy accumulation of fat, or fat is immune! Why not choose before dinner satiety full point of high-fiber snacks it? Thus, until the dinner is not easy to feel hungry when dinner is not a sight of food cannot be restrained.


4.After dinner, gentle exercise helps burn fat

After dinner is 30 minutes fat burning movement of gold, enough to eat try after 30 minutes to let the body move up, washing dishes, cleaning the house, walking, watching TV while treading step machines can be. In addition, the bath is also a good choice to increase fat burning metabolism!